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New Muscle Building Website Provides Quicker Ways To Build Muscle Fast & Burn Fat Naturally

October 11, 2006

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New York, NY (PRWEB) May 1, 2007

Paul James, a current serving Police Officer (State withheld) has been weight training and body building for over 10 years and has just launched a brand new website, ( This website provides a definitive solution for how to build muscle fast and burn fat naturally without breaking the budget.

His reason for creating Simple Muscle stems from his frustration with the vast number of expensive and unrealistic muscle building programs that he found on the internet. A common problem faced by many web surfers today.

He has sought to rectify this problem by developing the Simple Muscle Complete Workout System. This, he states, is a muscle building and fat burning system that will deliver results for any person regardless of age, gender or genetics and without the use of drugs or supplements.

The System is detailed in his publication, Simple Muscle: The Insider Secrets To Fast Muscle Gains and is based upon the human body’s adaptive processes. The muscle building and fat burning processes are explained in great detail for ease of understanding. He also provides a full training program, complete with exercise guides and recommendations so all you have to do is follow each step as it’s laid out.

Included with this publication are 4 additional bonuses including: a full workout log, a complete guide to everything diet related, meal plans and recipes for success and a guide to many of the supplements currently marketed to the weight loss and muscle building industries.

But the Simple Muscle Site doesn’t stop there. Paul has also provided an articles section which provides detailed information on many muscle building and fat burning topics and questions and is continually updated.

He also provides a free muscle building report which delivers an insight into one of the key principles behind the Simple Muscle Workout System and how to maximize muscle growth.

The website is easy to navigate and has clear FAQ, Privacy Policy and AUP sections. Those wishing to make contact simply have to visit the contact us link where email contact is provided.

“I created Simple Muscle for the every day person who can’t afford to waste hours of time in the gym or hundreds of dollars on drugs, supplements and unrealistic programs. I wanted to give them THE definitive muscle building and fat burning system,” says the Founder and President of Simple Muscle, Paul James.

All-in-all is one of the few quality fitness and muscle building websites on the net. Visit for more information.

About Simple Muscle:

Simple Muscle is a fitness and muscle building website created by Paul James, a current serving Police Officer and avid weight trainer. It offers a Complete Workout System for building muscle and burning fat for any person as well as free articles and information on these and other related topics.    Visit for more information.


Paul James

Founder & President


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